Mount Olympus

6:30 PM - Leave from Microsoft
11:00 PM - Arrive at Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center
Sleep in car

8:00 AM - Start hiking (17 miles, 5,400 ft gain, 10 hrs)
6:00 PM - Camp 2 near Glacier Meadows

Summit and then move down to Camp 3 (Elk Lake)

7:00 AM - Hike back to car (14.5 miles)
5:00 PM - Back at car
5:30 PM - Drive home (4 hr drive)
10:00 PM - Back home



  • Sunny, no winds! Maybe 10 mph winds on summit
  • Night lows around 46-53
  • Daytime highs between 55-82
  • Camp 2 (4,200 ft)
  • Summit (7,969 ft)


Conditions as of 6/8

NPS trail conditions as of 6/8/2017 reports: Parties have been accessing the summit block using both the early season direct routes and the Crystal Pass route. Memorial Day weekend, one party successfully used a snow bridge to cross the bergschrund on a direct route. This weekend, a party reported that the snow bridge has failed and parties using direct routes will have to climb down into and out of the bergschrund.

Most groups have been summiting via the north ridge, as current snow conditions allow for good (although steep) access to the 5th class pitch.