Spire Point


  • 28 miles round trip
  • 8,477 ft elevation gain
  • Peak elevation: 8,264 ft

Things to bring

  • Shared Gear
    • Tents
    • Rope (Andrew)
    • Harnesses
    • Belay Devices
    • Carabineers/Slings/Quick Draws/Nuts
    • Water Filter
    • Climbing Shoes?
  • Personal Gear
    • Capacity of 4 liters of water
    • Sleeping bag
    • Light Jacket (45-55 degrees at camp)
    • Toilet paper
    • Light/headlamp
    • Food on the trail
      • 2 lunches
      • 1 dinner
      • 1 breakfast
    • Food for the car (breakfast/dinner?)


    General Schedule


    Hike 13 miles (6,700 ft elevation gain) and then set up camp

    Drive 3 hours to trailhead

    Hike 6 miles (1,800 ft gain) along the easy Downey Creek Trail to Sixmile Shelter. This section is an actual trail, should be easy. Also relatively flat.

    Hike 6 miles (4,900 ft gain) up to Itswood Ridge, where we'll be establishing camp. This section will be difficult, lots of elevation gain, half of it is a bootpath, not an official trail.


    Wake up, climb to summit (1 mile, 1,500 ft elevation gain), and then 14 miles downhill back to car.

    Class 4 scramble to the top of the summit, should be about 1 mile with 1,500 ft elevation gain. We're bringing rope, mainly for the way back down since rappelling back down might be the only safe way (we could try using the rope as a hand line, but we'll have gear to rappel if necessary)

    After summiting, descend/rappel back down to camp, and then pack up camp

    Then hike the remaining 13 miles back to the car. All downhill.

    Drive 3 hours back home